New area starting now...

 2018 November

Intruder 22 Year Anniversary Limited Edition is produced and is shipping now.

Old guys meets again & Intruder relaunch is born

 2018 October

Former Industry Leaders from well known factories in the alps and I meets for second Roundtable. First shapes where tested in february 2018 with a big smile. Agreed to make something special again. Intruder relaunch was born. Something really cool comes up.

Interesting Phone Call

 2017 October

Long Phone Conference with some former Industry Leaders, about new ideas, new design, new concepts. Starting Design Process on my spare time. 

Deleting Company

 2017 July

Deleting Unicum Consulting & Marketing GmbH in June 2017 Trademarks transferred. Company was idle a a few years.

Renaming Company

 2008 Februray

Intruder Sport Technologies GmbH got renamed into Unicum Consulting & Marketing GmbH. For Providing Consulting.

Caught a Virus

 2005 October

After 7 years no holiday, catched morphus latin version virus, knocked me out for 2 years on wire and tubes in Emergency room. 

New Challenge

 2004 September

Started new Employment in a supplier to the entire industry, which was also Shareholder but got Order cancelations on chemicals from the Giants... Patent some stuff privately, granted 2005 and passed patents to an foundation :-) For later use.

New OEM Shapes

 2004 April

Last OEM White Label Work for ELAN Austria, Ellim, Buzrun, Freesurf, LibTech, Morrow, China Factory. Freesurf didn’t relaunch. Factory got a fire…

Last Prototypes

 2003 June

For reasons of the current developments with the venture story, last prototypes where build in autoclave. By the other hands, the last 38 OEM Shapes where produced in Factories straight out of our CAD Drawings and worked very well out.

New OEM Shapes

 2002 May

Still developing new shapes under Intruder Sports Technology GmbH, mainly for Austrian and Chinese Factories for various Brands.

TopShots OEM

 2002 January

OEM White label for Lamar, LibTech, GNU, Ride, CrazyCreek, Morrow, Vision, Airwalk, China & Austria Factory, markets Worldwide

New Factory China

 2002 January

From my Consulting in Design, Process Management, Warehouse and Stock Supply and Material Handles Design, new China Factory from Windsor Chou topped everything, even first attempts of playmaker in Taiwan, which i visited a year ago. It was amazing to see, when you arrived you saw demolitions of old cities, when you left, first sky scrappers took already form.

TopShots OEM

 2002 January

OEM White label for Lamar, LibTech, GNU, Ride, CrazyCreek, Morrow, Vision, Airwalk, and some others for China & Austria Factory, markets Worldwide

TopShots OEM

 2001 January

OEM Whitelabel work for Elan Austria, Ellim Corp South Korea, Consulting to Never Summer (PTEX Sidewalls and Hanged Edges) and K2 (Half Cap damaged Edges)

TopShots OEM

 2001 January

OEM White label for Lamar, LibTech, GNU, Ride, CrazyCreek, Morrow, Vision, Airwalk, China & Austria Factory, markets Worldwide

OEM DIAX Communication

 2001 January

White label - delivering 2000 DIAX Communication branded Boards (never got paid, Sunrise TDC took over DIAX, before they went bankruptcy) Order was placed over Swiss Snowboard Magazin, naughty to think evil...

OEM Villiger Zigarren

 2000 October

OEM Withleabel Series for swiss Villiger Zigarren, "Constellation Series", 50 pc RIM Construction

First OEM Factory work

 2000 February - 2001 March

OEM Work with 12 shapes for a new taiwan based snowboard factory, various no name labels, export usa

First 3D-Alloy Molds

2000 February

First 3-D Mold cutted out from extruded aluminium block, for prototyping f.r. shape, produced by RUAG Aerospace. Later we also advised the byten fruit for unibody macpro books about 2006 briefly.

New Press Technology

11 hours ago via Twitter

Learned from RUAG Aerospace, but not affordable as smb, we build the worlds first self built and certified autoclave press system with fuzzy logic, wich resulted into a new age of prototyping, in association with Markus H.

Rohacell® Cores

1998 September

First carbon full cap 157 with rohacell mixed woodcores drops weight below 2.5 kg but amazing snappy flex

First Pre-Preg Series

 August 1998

first series on prepreg laminates from aerospace industries, ditching wet sandwich lamination. Leaving Ruag Aerospace, and focus to making great boards only.

First Honeycomb Sandwich Core

 1997 February

first kevlar honey comb mixed woodcore in V-design to save more weight. Full Cap 152 with 2.3 kg, doing this after my employement at ruag aerospace 

First 3-D WoodCore

1996 June

first 3-D Fork Design Relief for better power transmission on hard packed ice, but flexible to tweak and twist. awesome

First Rocker Design

 1996 February 

first raceboard carbon full cap - with new edge design, what you call today rocker edge design

First Full Carbon Cap

1996 February

first Carbon Fullcap Freestyle Board, 156 with 2.7 kg weight, first hot pressed one.

Changing to Vacuum

1996 January

Switching from mechanical press systems to own developed vacuum press system. Due as many other does with flexible top and bottem parts, it doesn't provide exact amount of pressure on any mm2. Also adopting Heating Solution based on Carbon-Fiber Mates, developed by a friend of Mark Farner, Radical

Intruder was born

1995 November

first well designed Intruder Board 152 StarWars, lasted 5 years, we called it later banana due big long nose and tail..

First steps

1995 Octobre

First 2 pieces NoName, Sandwich ABS on own developed machine park, press and mold systems, second piece was already usuable. Preparation took 2 years.

A great journey

with some big rocks on the path

Die Entwicklung der Intruder Snowboards, Longboards war seit 1995 eine Erfolgsgeschichte. Irgendwann wurde es gross. Es traten Investoren auf. Damals waren wir mit 23-25 sehr jung, aber sehr progressiv. Die Ventures die daraus entstanden sind, und nie Intruder Snowbards betrafen, waren nicht ganz das, was man sich damals vorgestellt hat. Aber amüsant zum Lesen, wobei dies hier nur ein kleiner Abriss darstellt und locker ein Buch füllen könnte.